Infrared Smoker Review

Changing the way you grill.

Char Broil Magnum

Infrared Grill Review

Infrared grills used to only be found in restaurant kitchens, but they are becoming increasingly popular for personal use in the backyard. That is because the grill makes it easier to cook meat at a high temperature without evaporating the juices inside. It is for this reason that these grills can be found in the backyard of homes no matter what the size because the grills range in price from $200 to $8,000. One of the more popular infrared grills that can be found in many backyards is the Char Broil Magnum. This grill is at the halfway mark price of grills making it economically feasible for a consumer to buy the grill. Additionally, this grill is sufficient in size so that it will cook enough meat for a family of five so that everyone can eat at the same time.

Even so, what makes this grill so spectacular is the temperature gauge that is visible on the surface of the grill. This is good for anyone who is just learning how to grill on an infrared grill because this way he can be sure that the meat is being cooked to perfection. Many people do not realize that the grilling time with an infrared grill is different from when a gas or charcoal grill is being used. Another good thing about the Char Broil Magnum is that it has folding shelves, which allows room for the chef to cook but once the grill has cooled the grill can be made into a compact size for storage purposes.

Besides being able to store this grill away most chefs enjoy the idea of just pushing the Surefire button which automatically lights the grill. The convenience of this grill makes the owner look forward to cooking on it whenever feasible because of its cooking performance and specific features that other grills do not offer. Char Broil Magnum is a great grill to own whether you are just learning how to grill or consider yourself a grill expert because the durability of this grill gives the reassurance that it can handle any meat that is thrown onto its racks.

Now for those who would rather have a smoker grill, there is the Char Broil Big Easy Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill which gives the chef the best of both worlds in cooking. This grill gives you the option of using infrared to cook the meat and then adding the grate so that the meat can sit on it and get the smoked flavorful that many people enjoy from grilled food. This grill is not expensive when it comes to infrared smoker grills, in fact, you can find it priced on the low end of $200 in most stores. Also this specific grill has different size racks so that the meat can be smoked on one side while using the infrared on the other rack. Though the cooking time for the food will take a little longer than if just using the infrared system on the grill, most people do not mind waiting for their smoked flavor meat.